Shopping in Moscow: GUM, Izmailovo, Arbat, Passage

by Alexander Popov

Shopping in Moscow

As a global metropolis, Moscow is of course also a shopping paradise – from bargains to luxury goods, the shopping possibilities in Moscow know no bounds. In the countless shopping streets, malls and second-hand shops you can find trendy designer shops as well as shops with cheap bulk goods and unique items.

Shopping in Moscow

When you think of shopping in Moscow, the first thing that comes to mind is the decadent luxury of the Russian capital. In the Russian metropolis there are dresses from high-quality boutiques, artistic accessories, fine porcelain and glittering jewelry in abundance.

The star of Moscow’s shopping heaven is the world-famous GUM department store. But unlike its traditional counterparts Harrods in London and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, the now 130-year-old GUM is a shopping center with dozens of shops.

These mainly accommodate upscale shops. The GUM already impresses with its unique architecture. Its beautiful facade is opposite the Kremlin on Red Square.

But of course there are also other shopping options, such as the relatively new Okhotnyi Ryad shopping mall. It is less luxurious than the GUM, but you can shop there at lower prices.

Of course, Moscow also has something to offer for a smaller budget. Not far from the center is the Izmaylovsky Park, known among Muscovites. For a visit you should plan about half an hour by metro from Red Square.

Various flea markets take place here on weekends. Both Russian clothing and great souvenirs can be bought there. Here it is absolutely common to negotiate prices.

Many classic Russian souvenirs can also be found in the popular Arbat pedestrian zone, which has many small restaurants and cafes. The perfect place for typical Russian cuisine. Especially for Russian souvenirs, you should head for the Arbat.

Outside the center of Moscow, for example, at several large metro stations, you will find huge modern shopping centers based on the American model, but which are more of a place of meeting for the citizens of the city. AFIMALL, located directly at the Deloyoy Tsentr subway station, is one of the largest shopping centers with 320,000 m² of retail space.

Whether you’re looking for a flea market or luxury, shopping in Moscow is an unforgettable experience.

Moscow GUM

GUM department store is the most famous shopping center in Russia. Above all, its overwhelming architecture and the perfect location on Red Square make the legendary department store the go-to place in the capital.

In 1993, on its 100th birthday, the department store was completely renovated and, in addition to western companies, also houses luxury designers such as Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Boss, Max Mara and many more. However, all of this has its price – the GUM is not the cheapest place to go.

That is why many locals marvel at the wide range of goods in GUM, but later they buy in other areas of Moscow. If the budget doesn’t matter, then the GUM is the very first choice. The Moscow GUM is definitely worth a visit, if only for its impressive architecture.

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Moscow – Izmaylovsky Park

On the outskirts of Moscow, the beautiful Izmaylowsky Park extends over 1,300 hectares. Young artists have been exhibiting their works here for a long time and the market in the park has now developed into a flea market, which is still called the art market today.

Different goods are offered at the stalls in the market. The art offered there alone is worth the trip. The artistic and original matryoshkas are particularly impressive. You will also find artistic carpets in this market. You can also find old silver jewelry, samovars, amber and Orthodox icons.

Hand-made wooden toys and small self-made badges are also offered. Of course, you can also buy Russian clothes in this market. The wide range of goods is impressive.

Moscow – Petrovsky Passage

Right in the center of Moscow is one of the best shopping malls – the so-called Petrovsky-Passage. The Passage has existed for more than a hundred years and is now one of the most expensive shopping arcades in Moscow. If luxury is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. But this passage is not only known as a shopping place, but above all as a meeting point. It is packed with rich and famous people of the Russian capital.

Although the shops in the passage are sinfully expensive, a visit is also worthwhile without a large budget. One reason for this would be the chocolate there, for example. If you ask a Muscovite, one thing is clear: Petrovsky Passage has the best chocolate in the world.

Moscow – Novy Arbat – New Arbat Avenue

The most famous shopping streets are Arbat Avenue (Ulitsa Arbat) and New Arbat Avenue (Ulitsa Novy Arbat), which are connected by Novinsky Boulevard and are parallel to each other. These two shopping streets are the oldest pedestrian streets in all of Moscow. You will find a variety of different shops, restaurants and cafes in both shopping streets. You can also find cinemas, pubs and restaurants there. The streets are open from morning to evening and are also perfect as a meeting point.

Moscow – Tverskaya Street

Tverskaya Street is one of the most expensive and chic streets in Moscow. There are a number of different shops here, which are lined up like a string of pearls.
In addition to expensive boutiques, there are also countless restaurants and cafes. In the evening you go to the theater on Tverskaya. This is the right place for luxury – the shopping mile offers luxury as well as flair and style.

Online shopping

If you stay longer in Russia, online shopping would certainly be a viable alternative. However, the Russian e-commerce landscape differs significantly from the other countries. You look in vain for Amazon among the major providers in Russia. Instead, you can find Russian providers such as, Yandex or the Chinese online giant Alibaba.

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