Choosing the Best Guide for a Free and Memorable Moscow Tour


Moscow is one of the most vibrant cities that you should explore, at least once in a lifetime. From enthralling architectures to a modern cityscape, you would be able to enjoy multifarious dimensions of this lovely megacity. It is flooded with tourists throughout the year. Moscow is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is constantly brimming with positive vibes. 

  • Touring with a guide

You can always opt to tour Moscow alone, but a Moscow travel guide could be a better alternative, if you want to know the major nooks and corners of the metropolis. You can hire the services of a Moscow travel guide, in order to conveniently and extensively scale the length and breadth of the city. 

  • Selecting the right tour and the right guide

The right Moscow local tour comes with the right guide. Hence, the process of selection is extremely important in this regard. You can’t afford to be casual if you want to have a truly memorable experience. There are some crucial parameters you should remember on this matter, as discussed in the following points. 

  • The guide should provide a free tour

How about roaming in major areas of Moscow without spending on transportation or guide service charges? Yes, it is possible. You need to contact a top-rated Moscow travel guide who would serve you through a free Moscow walking tour. You would be able to witness the marvels of the city, and have an immersive experience, imbibing its eternal historic charm. There would be absolutely no need to worry about the budget, as these are free tours in Moscow.  

  • An English-speaking guide

Every person has to agree on the fact – English is the universal language to connect with the world. Hence, it is extremely vital to get your guide who is well-conversant in English. You would have no issues, coming from another country, to communicate with the guide. The Moscow local tour would be more enjoyable, as it would be more interactive. 

  • A guide who is licensed

You would want to avail services of a local guide who has a legal validity to operate in Moscow. This assures that the standard of service would be good. The private tours in Moscow must be conducted by such a guide. 

  • The guide should be a local

How can you know about a city if the person guiding you through the tour is not a local? No person knows a city more than a local who has lived there for several years. Thus, you should opt for tours by locals

  • He should have a cordial behavior

There would be frequent interactions with the Moscow travel guide while traveling to different parts of the city. It is quite important that the guide should behave with you cordially, answering your questions, and addressing your inquisitiveness with a broad smile on his face. 

  • He must possess group management skills

Consider this – you are planning to know more about Moscow with a group of friends. How are you going to opt for a reliable guide? In this case, the guide should have the skills to efficiently lead a group to roam across the main areas of the city. 

  • An official website of the guide is crucial

How are you going to know about the various services of the guide? A nice website, with pertinent details, is a good platform that you can refer to, for gathering the information you need. The website would tell each and every aspect about private tours in Moscow. Take some time to surf through the web pages of the site. Also, check out whether you are offered some special facilities or not. A website about a touring service and guide also establishes much more trust. 

  • He should be responsive when contacted

You might think of mailing or calling the guide before you think of choosing his services. The response from his side should be prompt. You can’t wait eternally to take a decision! When you receive a quick, friendly response, you can rely on him, without any hesitation. 

  • The guide should have rich information

Visiting Russia from you country, one of your main objectives would be know a wide range of facts and trivia about Moscow. The guide should be knowledgeable and share lots of information with you, smartly piquing your interest throughout the tour. 

  • There must be some surprise elements 

As a tourist, you would want to experience some sweet surprises while traversing through the alleys of Moscow. The guide took take you to a restaurant or show an architectural marvel, about which you haven’t read anywhere. There would be some uniqueness regarding what you would witness. 

  • Flexible timings

The timings of the tour could be critical in most of the cases. You could have other plans for the day. The guide should clearly mention about various timings you could accommodate in order to book for the tour. This would help you in planning more properly. 

  • Booking your slot easily

The obvious step that you need to take for a tour is booking your slot. The process should not give you any hassles. There should be facilities for online booking. You can call the concerned person or use an app, if there is such an option. The booking procedure should be simple, less time-taking and with a clear confirmation about the details of the tour. A guide providing all these must be selected. 

  • Great online reviews

Before finally deciding on availing the services of a guide for a walking tour or any other tour in Moscow, it is very essential to go through the online reviews describing the service quality of the guide. You can visit various online forums and social media platforms in order to get the details. Try to read the reviews that explain the services in a detailed manner. Note the points that you consider would be helpful while choosing the services. 

  • Try to use these tips

The blog here gives you a fair bit of idea about choosing an efficient and reliable tour guide to roam in Moscow in one of the most desired ways. Try to utilize these tips when you are in Moscow and have some quality time to know more about the lovely city. You can begin your research on the net right at this moment! 

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