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Are you planning to tour Russia in near future? It would be a great decision as the largest country of the world has lots of marvelous things to offer you.  You might ponder about the question – is it safe to travel to Russia? – Especially, when you are backpacking alone or at maximum, with your partner. Going by the fact that huge number of global tourist travel to the country each year, with no serious decline in the influx, it can be confidently said that it is safe to visit Russia

  • Targeting the capital – Moscow

The tour plan for any unvisited country generally begins with its capital. For a more safe and sound travel, make Moscow your base. Explore the city by hiring the services of a reliable and experienced tour guide, if possible. You might think – is it safe to travel to Moscow – the short answer is YES, it is indeed. 

  • Safe for LGBTQ travelers 

There is no rule in Russia to bar you from traveling, if you are an LGBTQ. Although the overall sentiments for LGBTQ persons are not quite progressive, yet it is safe to go to Russia, even as a solo LBTQ traveler. 

  • Have the travel documents in place

You must be organized while traveling, as this rule is applicable not for just Russia, but for any country. A big chunk of your safety as a tourist also depends on the updated and proper travel documents you carry. Your passport, visa and any other relevant personal id should be in place. Besides the originals, it is intelligent to keep a few photocopies of these documents with you. In case you are in some untoward trouble that requires showing these documents to the concerned authorities, you would be confident to submit the photocopies. 

  • Traveling to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is another major city in Russia, which welcomes thousands of global tourists each year. It is very safe to travel to St. Petersburg, whether you are touring the city with your partner, with a large group of friends, or all alone. 

  • The situation at this moment

If you are planning for a tour in coming weeks, then it would be a fairly good idea. You might be a bit perturbed about the COVID 19 situation, but who isn’t! The Russian authorities have implemented the required precautions and measures at all levels to protect its citizens and tourists in post-pandemic situation. Hence, if you are toiling with the question that is it safe to travel to Russia right now, then you can remain rest assured about total safety in your tours, even in the days of pandemic. 

  • Follow the post-pandemic rules

In order to increase the safety level of your traveling experience, it is judicious to follow all the regulations as set by the Russian authorities. Wear a mask and always carry a small bottle of sanitizer. Abiding by the rules, it is not difficult to realize how safe it is to travel to Russia alone

  • Avoid remote towns and villages

When you have Moscow and St. Petersburg to explore, what is the need to travel to far-off towns and remote villages? Moreover, it is safe to go to Moscow, as being the capital city; it has the most facilities and robust security cover. Safety standards are nicely intact in St. Petersburg, too. 

  • Keep aside maximum time for Moscow

As a first-time tourist to Russia, Moscow would certainly be a natural choice in your travel map. You can give it the maximum priority for its rich culture, heritage and modernism. Touring the city once would make you rid of pondering about the question – is it safe to visit Moscow

  • Hiring a trusted tour guide is a good idea

How about hiring the trusted services of a well-known, admired English-speaking tour guide while traveling in Russia, especially Moscow? Try to ensure that the guide is a local individual. You would have no issues in communicating with the expert, as a top-rated guide knows to converse in English. Also, it is important to check out his valid license to operate. When you gradually know the culture of the region in the presence of tour guide, you would be surer about the fact that it is not dangerous to travel to Russia

  • Beware of pickpockets

Moscow, just like any other capital city across the world, has pickpockets. You need to be alert when you are in a crowded place, especially in a local market, or public transport. Don’t get so engrossed in clicking photographs so that your pocket could be easily picked.

  • Avoid drunk-driving

You might think of renting a car for a few hours and driving in Moscow or St. Petersburg like a free soul. Well, you still have to maintain the traffic rules of the country. Follow the regulations and you would see that it is completely safe to travel to St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other major Russian city. Also, drunk driving is a criminal offense. Avoid it if you don’t want to be penalized heavily. It also does not do any good to your image, and might create a negative impression about your country. 

  • Not clicking photos incessantly 

Take your time to enjoy the views and city vistas. It is recommended to not click photos without-a –break! In some of the places, you might need permission for photography. There are also tourist spots that don’t allow photography. 

  • Stay away from political activism

You might be a great social activist at home country, but Russia is not quite the nation where you would prefer exhibiting those skills. You have arrived as a tourist, so, it is best to remain as one through your visa period. It would not be dangerous to visit Russia when you don’t take the authority heads-on! 

  • Plan ahead

Planning your tour a few months ahead would help in adding value to the actual experience. You can discuss the details with your friends or with people who have already once visited Russia. There is no need to be concerned thinking is it safe to go to Russia right now, as the beautiful nation is always ready to embrace your presence. 

  • Note the points

By now, you might have a got a solid idea about how safe is it to travel to Russia, and it would be a wise step noting down the crucial points discussed in the blog. 

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